Dr. Megan Duchek, DC, DICCP



    Each of us has only this one life to live, and it is my hope for all of my patients to live life to its fullest. Caring for our bodies not only supports our longevity, but also can profoundly improve our overall happiness and quality of life. Living with pain or a loss of function not only sets our bodies up for further damage or injury, but also often begins to challenge our emotional well-being, displace our focus, deplete our energy, and gradually weaken our enthusiasm for life.

     It is my mission to give people of all ages and conditions the hope for a better quality of life and to support patients in discovering their potential for optimal health and well-being. As the needs of each patient are unique, I strive to offer a comprehensive range of treatments with a focus on patient education, partnering with patients to develop specialized strategies and tools for improving daily comfort, health, and healing. While I offer a wide range of sports and soft tissue therapies, my specialty as a DICCP (Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics) also allows me to provide the gentle and expert care babies, children, and expectant moms deserve.

'Better health can have a profound impact on the happiness and quality of life for all of us.

I'm eager and humbly honored to help every patient I meet find theirs!'

  ~Dr. Megan

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